How to do side hairstyles for wedding

Every bride dreams at her own wedding to look feminine and sexy, to be inimitable and irresistible. Achieve the goal helps not only the wedding dress, and hairstyle, to create which a girl uses many ways to braid long hair or styling strands of short and medium length.

One of the most attractive ways of styling is the wedding hairstyle on the side. In it the hair is arranged in such a way as to give mystery to the created image with the help of descending on one shoulder curls or strands and opening the other side of the neck of the young beauty.

How to choose a hairstyle on the side at the wedding

Choosing one of the many wedding hairstyles, in which the bride’s hair is arranged on one side, girls should pay attention to the features of their appearance. This applies not only to the oval of the face, it is important to achieve a combination of styling:

  • with the figure of the bride;
  • the style of the dress;
  • the kind of veil (or lack thereof).

We should also not forget that not all hair lies well on the side. Their structure sometimes does not allow to make such a hairstyle, which the bride dreams. It is necessary to take into account the length of the strands, laid on one side.

One side loose curls

Nothing can compare in its attractiveness with the large curls and small curls.

They make the bride feminine, delicate, fragile, and sometimes even defenseless. Such strands are called by masters as very “capricious”. To arrange them with a hair dryer is quite difficult. To create a hairstyle requires a greater amount of varnish and gel, which is not always desirable. Long curls and curls are better left loose. Carelessly (at first glance) thrown over one shoulder a mop of hair makes the image of the bride natural, it is not pretentious and unnecessary solemnity.

Such hairstyles are good for the heroines of weddings in the style:

  • country;
  • rustic;
  • provence.

Short curls, laid on one side, perfectly complement the image of the bride at a wedding in the retro style. Such a hairstyle will help to give a girl extravagance. Loose curls do not always harmonize with the veil, so carefully or carelessly arranged strands are decorated with flowers, beads or rhinestones.

Braids and plaits

Long hair can be braided into braids, and to make this hairstyle look original and solemn, braiding is carried out in several ways and turning the braid on its side.

Choosing the type of styling for the wedding, the bride is trying to find a way to make her image as attractive and extraordinary as possible. Cope with this task will help braiding a variety of plaits, which are gathered in a single braid or plump bun, shifting it on one shoulder.

This is one of the most popular hairstyles in demand among young and very young brides, the owners of long hair or strands of medium length. Long hair is braided “spikelets” or make a “fishtail. Such braiding is characterized by a large number of fine strands intertwined in an intricate pattern. The openwork braid perfectly complements the image of the bride on a classic European wedding.

side hairstyles for wedding

The ponytail

The hair ponytail as a wedding hairstyle is made of long curls and strands of medium length.

If a girl in everyday life gives preference to a short haircut, for the sake of such a solemn day, she can use false strands to make a high ponytail on the side. For a classic European wedding, a high sleek “pony” ponytail is suitable, but for other styles of celebration it is better to curl the hair, twisting them on large curlers.

Curls are not always gathered at the crown. Beautifully looks a bunch of hair, scattering wavy strands and thrown to one side, if it sparkles with small beads or rhinestones. Decorate the ponytail of large curls can be decorated with small flowers, and complement the hairstyle – bangs, which will give the image of excitement, emphasize the character of the hero of the occasion. If to create such a hairstyle master uses false strands, the ponytail is gathered with a large number of thin plaits. They also decorate the whole head of the young beauty. The photo shows how attractive the image of the bride with such a hairstyle is.